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Gloria C. Keum, Esq.
Category: Lawyers
Phone: 212-433-0638
Keun & Associates provides criminal and immigration defense in New York and New Jersey. I also represent individuals in civil rights matters, which includes gender or race discrimination. I love helping people from all walks of life: immigrants, police, teachers, doctors, pet-groomers etc. I think it's an honor to represent New Yorkers - we work hard and play hard. I am new to Long Island, but I am loving my new experiences here.
Ms. Keum’s immigration practice helps her clients adjust their status, apply for asylum, naturalize as United States Citizens and defend against deportations (consequent to charges of Aggravated Felonies).


Henry Kruman
Category: Lawyer
Phone: 516-599-6420
Address: 353 Hempstead Ave.